Ideum Apparel

Screen Printing | Branding | Web
Some friends and I started a small apparel company a few years ago simply to make some cool stuff. We made everything in our apartment, originally starting with screen printing t-shirts and hoodies and dabbled in bag production as well. It was a great experience while it lasted, it was my first experience running a start up and working to many late nights to reach our deadline.
We designed shirts around cycling, at the time that is all we did outside of working. We didn’t want to just make shirts that looked like everyone else’s so we really pushed ourselves trying to make shirts that could stand out.
Realizing pretty quickly we need to actually sell our spoils, we needed to get a good website online. A friend and I designed and built the website where we were able to sell stuff around the world shipping to every continent. Ok, not Antartica.
After screen printing for a bit, we decided we wanted to make some bags. Starting small we made a phone holster and than decided to make The Belt Breaker. This little hip pouch was made out of high grade materials, water-proof and could hold anything you would need to go on a bike ride.
As we made this branch into visually separate the product lines, having a circular logo mark for screen printing while having a squared logo mark for bags.