HBO GO Redesign

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Taylor Ling occasionally does a Android Ui/Ux (Re)Design Challenge contest open to the public. I was able to get some free time when the contest came around last time and decided I wanted to have some fun with the HBO Go app which was extremely out of date. Oh, I was one of the winners too.

With this project I knew right away I wanted to use great imagery from all of HBO's available content. To really let the imagery shine I wanted to remove as much on screen clutter as possible. I decided using Android navigation drawer to hold the various types of video was the best option to have the content hidden but easily accessible for when you are ready for something new.
To make sure that the Action Bar wasn’t totally obtrusive, I wanted to have it go from about 10% opacity to 90% based on your scroll position. This would help the user have an immersive and functional experience as they are browsing to find what they want to watch.
Of course we always want to binge watch Game of Thrones, with this goal in mind I wanted to bring an episodic gallery to the app, where the user can easily swipe from one episode to another making it so much easier to keep watching your favorite shows.