Dinner Party

Concept | Android | Ui | Ux
I always find it hard to organize a pot luck dinner with friends or family, you need to send out emails and text messages, share a list on Evernote maybe. So I came up with a concept to have a single app that personal events could be created, managed and updated in a single place. I wanted to start with a simple feed of recent activity so users can see what is happening with all of their parties.
Having a detailed view of a party is very important, using a tabbed navigation on the event details page let users see only the details they want on a single page without scrolling to much.
Ordering the guest list based on acceptance is a great way to see who is going to be there and who you need to bug to change around their schedule.
With a list of items to bring along ordered by what a user needs to bring and then the remaining items so they can voluntarily grab things at the store. The host and guests can assign items to one another as well.