Brick'n Bits

Hackathon | Android | Ui | Ux | Front End XML
This is a fun concept for a weekend hackathon back in 2013 where a friend & I wanted to build part of a Bitcoin customer & business POS system.

For customers we wanted to have a system where they could check in to a restaurant order their meal & pay for their check all on their phone using digital payments. Businesses could quickly & easily manage many different tables & their menu items on phones or tablets.
We wanted to add a bit of animated flare to the app to spruce it up. This is one of the animation concepts for sending requests and payments.
For businesses quickly seeing important information is very important, using Android's fragments we show a list of current open carts, one carts detail view, and a grid view of menu items that can be easily added to the carts.
To make owners and managers lives easier we wanted to let them modify their menus on the go. Here is a simple screen set up that let's you add a photo, price, name and description.